Make Air Canada Airlines Date Change ease with detailed information here!

When we make plans, we want them to be successful. None of us would want to face any issues in any of our trips. But we never know what time holds for us. At times, some situations arise which needs to make some changes in our plans. If any such situation come across us, then most of the flyers might find it very difficult to make the changes.

But when we choose Air Canada Airlines for any of our trips, there team makes sure that flyers do not face any issues. So, this is why even if any of the passenger have to make the changes in their travelling dates, they can do it with ease.

We know that some flyers can find it difficult to make the modifications or changes in their bookings. So, keeping this in mind Air Canada has set a very simple procedure for date change. Furthermore, it is also recommended the flyers go through the rules set for the date change.

The information below will explain all about the method and policy of date change of Air Canada.

All about Air Canada date change policy-

Knowing about the policy of date change is the most important thing for the flyers of this airline. This is because people will find it very difficult to make the modifications if they don’t have complete knowledge of the policy. Lets start by knowing about the date change policy in detail-

  • According to the policy, one can make the changes in the tickets which are operated by Air Canada, Air Canada express, and air Canada Rouge.
  • Furthermore, people who hold standard, basic and flex fares are eligible for making the change once without paying any fee.
  • In addition to this, the change policy applies to the unused portion of the flight leg.

How to change the flight date of your air Canada booking?

An individual can make the changes in their date through the online way set by this airline. For all the individuals who want to make the changes in no time, this is the best method. The steps that you need to follow are the following-

  • Open the web browser on your device.
  • Now, head to the official site of air Canada.
  • You need to use the ID and the password to log in. Enter this information in this step.
  • Once the next page opens up, click on the option of “my bookings”.
  • Choose the booking in which you want to make the date changes.
  • You need to now make the changes in the date as per your schedule.
  • Once you make the changes, you need to pay whatever the fee change charge would be mentioned there.
  • Lastly, submit the changes and get the conformation from the airline.

Additional ways to make the changes in the booking date-

In addition to the online method, one can proceed to make the changes in their bookings using other methods too. So, if you do not want to rely on the online method, here are the methods you can use-

  • Through phone number

Phone number is one of the ways using which an individual can make the changes. You just need to find the number from the official website first. Once you find the number, you then need to get in touch with the travel representative of this airline. They will then start with the process of date changing.

  • By dropping a mail

Furthermore, mail is also a way using which one can edit the date of their bookings. For changing the date through this method, you need to drop a mail for the team of this airline asking them for the date change.

What happens when my flight date changes without my permission?

Air Canada is one the airlines on which endless number of people rely. So, if you have to any of this issue, you have the right to ask for compensation. Compensation is given to the individuals who were not informed about the date change.

Some important additional information-

  • According to the date change policy set by this airline, an individual can make the changes without any fee within the 24 hours. Furthermore, it is important that there departure time is at least 168 hours away.
  • There are situations under which one can ask for compensation. Those conditions are given below-
  • If the flyers were not informed about the cancelation or delay within 7 days of departure day.
  • If there is a delay in their flight for more than three hours.

Other changes one can make in their bookings-

It is not essential that all the flyers want to change their travelling dates. Others might want to make the changes in other things. This is why Air Canada airlines allows all individuals to make the changes in other things too. Those additional things which one can modify are the following-

  • Seat change

At the time of booking, one might make the booking for some seat which they later on want to change. If this is the case, then the flyer can upgrade their seats and switch to the ones with more leg space. Furthermore, one can do it online by visiting the official site of air Canada airlines.

  • Make the changes in the name

Secondly, one can make the changes even in their name. But remember that you are eligible for making the modifications in their name only after their 13-digit ticket number is made. Also, if you are interested in making the changes in the name, then you need to contact the team member of this airline. Proceed to use the phone number of this airline to get in touch with the travel expert.


Q1. Can I modify all fares online?

Ans. One is eligible for making the changes except for the basic fare. For this type of fare, one need to use the phone number for Air Canada airline.

Q2. What is the fee one need to pay if they make modifications?

Ans. If you make the changes in your bookings, the fee varies from $100-$200. But at present due to covid situation, this airline has waived its change fee.