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Travelling with Allegiant Airlines and wanted to change the dates of travelling? If yes then you can refer to all the information mentioned here. Allegiant is a low-cost America based Airlines. It provides air travelling services to various destinations in a more convenient and affordable manner with most of the best-in-class services. One of such services is allowing its flyers to make the changes in their bookings.

The traveller often changes their flight’s details, time and dates. There are various issues associated with the travellers for which they need to make changes in the date of the travelling. We understand that fact and assist travellers with the most suitable solutions within no time. If you are one of who is facing the issue where you have to change the date of your reservation, you can now relax. This is because now you have all the reliable information for this procedure.

Through all the information here, you will just not get to know about the procedure of date changing but also various other information too. Before we head to the procedure, lets find out about the policy of date change set by allegiant airlines.

Date change policy of allegiant airlines-

One of the most important things that flyers need to know is that as per the policy change in the flight depends on some factors. First is the time and second one is the type of tickets which an individual has made the booking for. Moreover, an individual can make the changes in the date but they might have to pay a charge. Remember the charges will depend on the factors mentioned above. You can request for changing the date of the flight by using both online and offline ways.

For all the tickets which were bought before 30th April 2021, they can make the changes without paying any fee. But if you purchased the ticket after 1st may, 2021, one need to pay the the charge of $25.  

Furthermore, we need to know about the procedure of changing the date of our flight.

How can one change the date via official site?

Firstly, lets talk about the online way of changing the date of allegiant flight. When the flyer decides to change the name through the official site, they need to follow some steps. Once you follow all the steps properly, you will get the confirmation for the booking of the new date-

  • Firstly, Open the web browser.
  • Now, visit the official site of allegiant airlines. The flyer need to enter the email id and password to log in.
  • Furthermore, enter your last name along with the reference number.
  • When the reservation in which you want to make the bookings appear on your screen, you need to click on the option of “edit date”.
  • Here, enter the new date for which you want to make the allegiant flight booking.
  • Moreover, you need to confirm the changes you have done. In addition to this, pay the amount too. This amount is the difference in the air fare of both flights.
  • Once you follow all these steps, you will receive a mail from the airlines about the confirmation.

Other ways you can rely on for changing the date?

Allegiant airline keeps in mind the needs and demands of all its flyers. So, keeping in mind the need to other ways of changing the dates was another good thing this airline did for its flyers. Through the information below, you will get to know about the methods you can follow for changing the date-

  • By using the phone number

One of the ways which one can use if they don’t want to rely on the online method is using the phone number of the airline. You can find the phone number of the airline on the official site. You just need to dial that number. Now, ask the team member of this airline to change the date of your flight. Because the team of the airline is highly professional, they will complete the whole process for you with ease.

  • Via the mail

Lastly, you can use the option of mail for making the modifications in your date. An individual can drop the mail for the team of allegiant airlines. Mention in your mail that you want to change the date of your flight. As soon as the team will receive your mail, they will help you in making the changes in your date.

What if allegiant airlines change date of my booking without informing?

In addition to all the information above, this is one of the questions that flyers ask. They want to know what will happen if the airline will change the date of their booking without informing them. In this case, each flyer who has made booking for the flight can ask for the compensation amount.

Know about the additional changes that you can make-

It is not important that the flyers will want to make changes only in the date. There are various other things which the flyer can change in their allegiant booking. find what additional changes you can make-

  • Firstly, you can go ahead to make the changes in the final destination of your flight.
  • Secondly, time is another thing in which you can make the changes in your booking.


Q1. How many times can I make the changes in my flight for free?

Ans. You can make the change only once without paying any fee. If you decide to do it again, you need to pay the charges.

Q2. What is the change fee charges?

Ans. For the flyers who have made the bookings after 1st may have to pay the fee of $25.