American Airlines Date Change: Gather Apt Information & Guidelines

Are you facing problems with making changes in your itinerary? Get expert opinion and support on the same. Reach out to American Airlines Date Change. It is entirely understandable that at times, you are unable to act according to plans. And last-minute changes are natural. Anyone can face such situations ever. Hence, you may need to change your flight dates with American Airlines.

Like any other airline, American Airlines also allows date change. Hence, if you ever need to make changes, confidently make them. Further, there are certain ways to conduct the process. Also, you may have to incur charges for these changes. Do not worry. Just follow through to gather all the information you seek. Further, for any assistance, feel free to contact.   

American Airlines Date Change through Official Website: The Steps

The official website of American Airlines is always active. If you need to make any changes, the best option is through the official website. It comprises all the options any passenger would seek. Hence, the first step is to directly reach the official website for any American Airlines Date Change. 

However, before proceeding with the date change, you will have to identify the booked ticket. American Airlines identifies two tickets of tickets

Reservations with Cash/Card PaymentsAward Ticket or Ticket Purchased with Miles
All tickets that are booked using cash or any debit or credit card. The changes are possible through the official website.If you have sufficient miles to book a flight, you may use them to win an award flight. Also, any changes can be possible through the passengers support team.

Further, here are the standard steps to follow for an American Airlines Date Change:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of American Airlines. 
  • Further, go to the Manage Trips tab. Also, you may log in using your credentials into your AAdvantage accounts. Changes are only possible through these methods.
  • Then, enter the first and last name, along with the confirmation code. It is necessary to enter accurate information to log in.   
  • Click on the Find Your Trip tab. It will help to track your trip. 
  • Again, you will have to select the flight or booking that you want to make the changes to. Then, click on the View/Change tab. 
  • Finally, select a new date. If necessary, you may have to bear the changes charges. Complete the payment. 
  • Then confirm your request. You will change your flight date. The new ticket will be sent to your registered email ID. Also, you may download the ticket through the website. 

What are American Airlines Date Change Charges?

American Airlines is a major airline. Therefore, it has its policies. On average American Airlines have a basic change fee. On averages, for international travel, it cost $75 to $200 for the date change. However, there are multiple sets of rules. These charges are implied apart from the fare difference. 

Latest Updates After Covid-19:

  • All change fees are waived for flights booked on or after 31st August 2020. Traveling between USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands. All change fees are eliminated permanently. 
  • Also, tickets booked on or after 19th November 2020 are removed. However, this is only for flights from North & South America to Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and the UK. 
  • Same-day flight changes are $75. But for New York to London, you will have to pay $150. 
  • Further, Tickets booked by 31st December 2020 can change their travel dates anytime within one year. Meaning that they will have the flexibility to rebook flights any time before 31st December 2021. However, you may have to pay the fare difference only. You do not have to pay the change fees. 

Further, here is a list of change fees according to recent terms and conditions:

Type of Ticket or Flight Date ChangeCharges
Non-Refundable Ticket (Domestic)No Charges
Non-Refundable Ticket (International)No Charges
Refundable Ticket (Domestic)No Charges
Refundable Ticket (International)No Charges
Same Day Flight Changes$75-$200.

When Can You Make the American Airlines Date Change?

Passengers are always the priority. Hence, if you have a question related to when can you make the changes. Then, you are in the right place for an answer. American Airlines Date Change is possible any time before departure. Right from the time of booking, you can easily make the changes. 

However, these changes are allowed only 24 hours before departure time. Hence, if you need to make the changes, you may do it 24 hours departure. Further, as per current guidelines, all change fees have been waived. Yet, the same change changes will incur change fees. 

American Airlines Date Change Not Allowed:

The airline allows date change before boarding the flight. However, while making the same-day change, you will not be allowed to change destinations. You will be confined with the destinations. Still, you may change the date with changes fees. Additionally, you will also have to bear the fare difference. 

American Airlines Date Change Policy

Before proceeding with any changes, it is best to know all information. Without having complete information it may be difficult to make a decision. Therefore, always make sure to know all about the policy first. Therefore, here is all that you need to know:

  • Similar to any other airline, American Airlines also offers a 24-hour policy. It means that 24 hours from booking flights, you can easily change the date without any issues. It implies to all travel classes. 
  • Further, Date Changes within the first 24 hours from booking are free of cost. 
  • Again, as per recent updates, date changes any time before 24 hours from departure time is eliminated. Hence, now you can easily make changes without any charges. 
  • Furthermore, American Airlines Date Change only allows flexibility with the date change. You will not be allowed to change destinations. 
  • Also, date change in the last 24 hours from departing time applies to change fees. Hence, you may have to bear a cost of $75-$200. This charge is implemented with an additional fare difference. 
  • However, if the airline cancels the flight or is delayed, you are eligible to make date change. And this change will be allowed without any extra costs. 

Alternative Methods to make American Airlines Date Change

Making any change with American Airlines is effortless. The best way to make the changes are through the official website. However, if you are unable to make the changes on your own, do not panic. You can still make a date change in your itinerary. There are several ways to do so. Some of which are:

Call Customer Assistance

The best way to approach such situations is through the customer assistance team. You can easily find the contact number. Dial the number and express your problems. The attending agent will surely help you in every way possible. They may either guide you or do it on your behalf. Further, passengers with award tickets are must approach the customer assistance team. Also, last-minute or same-day changes are possible through this method. 

At the Kiosk

For same-day date changes, you can make the changes at the kiosk in any nearby airport. If you have completed the check-in but you are unable to board the flight, you can still make changes. Hence, you will have another option to make changes. 

Through Airlines Counter at Airport

Further, you still have hope. Approach the American Airlines counter at the airport for support. They will surely help you go through the process. 

What if American Airlines Change the Date without asking? 

The schedule of flights by American Airlines may change. They may change without prior notice. However, you will surely be notified. Most passengers usually seek rebooking or ask for a refund. Yet, there are still complications. 

If the airline changes the flight for more than 60 minutes from the scheduled departure time, you may only ask for rescheduling. You may also ask for a refund if it satisfies you. The airline is bound to pay the compensation. 

Further, if the changes are within 60 minutes, you are bound to reschedule. You will not be allowed to ask for a refund. 

What Other Changes Can You Make with American Airlines?

American Airlines allows its passengers to make ample changes. You will always have the liberty to make all the changes you seek. Still, here are some of the changes that you are entitled to make any time you want: 

  • Change the Flight Time.
  • American Airlines Date Change.
  • Name Correction.
  • Change Travelling Destinations.
  • Add or Remove Passengers.
  • Reserve or Change seats.
  • Add or make preferences on meals.
  • Add extra check-in baggage.

And all of this is effortlessly done through the official website. Therefore, you may make the changes at any time before boarding the flight. And you can easily access it through your account or using the log-in credentials. So, do not hesitate with making American Airlines Date Change if necessary. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can you Change Flights without paying extra Change fees in American Airlines?

Yes, according to new updates, post-Covid-19 you may make the changes without any change fees. Also, changes within the first 24 hours of booking are always without any charges. 

Q2. Is it cheaper to cancel an American Airlines flight rather than change it?

As per the updates, all change fees are waived. Therefore, changing a flight is convenient. However, you may have to bear the fare difference. Meanwhile, canceling a flight and rebooking may also cost you equally. Hence, it is better to change the date instead of canceling it. 

Q3. How to make a Same-Day Date Change with American Airlines?

To make a same-day date change, you will have to approach either the airline counter or kiosks at the airport. Apart from this, another option is through Passenger Assistance Number. 

Q4. Does American Airlines allow to Hold a Ticket? And for how long?

Yes, American Airlines allows you to hold a ticket for 24 hours, without any cost. However, this is applicable only if there are seven or more days to the departure date. 

Q5. Can I get a Same-Day Standby Ticket with American Airlines?  

American Airlines allows standby. But, it confines to the same day only. If you need to board an early flight on the same day, and there is availability, you will get the seat. You can ask for it at the kiosks or check-in counter or airline counter at the airport.