Find Out The Process To Make Delta Airlines Date Change In Your Itinerary.

Schedules are not set in stone always and sometimes; one need to make some changes to the travel plans. Though it’s very obvious that no individual wants to make the changes at the last minute. But some situations that occur in front of us which we cannot ignore. It might be some health issue or change in plans etc. Delta airlines is known for catering to the needs of all individuals. This is why they provide the option to change the date of travelling.

Furthermore, each individual can make the changes in their booking dates using the method that suits them the best. Also, nobody would want to go through a lengthy procedure for making the changes in their booking dates. So, each method set by this airline is very easy.

To make the changes in the booking date, there is some important information one must have. And this information is about the date change policy of delta airlines. One must make sure that they go through the policy thoroughly in advance.

You will get to find a very detailed information on the date change policy and procedure here. Firstly, lets start by having a look at the policy of date change set by delta airlines.

Overview of date change policy of Delta airlines-

Instead of hopping directly to the procedure, flyers need to first go through the policy of date change. Go through the points below and know about this policy in detail-

  • As per the policy set by delta airlines, flyers are eligible for making the changes without any fee within 24 hours of the booking. But if you exceed this time, then you need to pay the fee.
  • If you have made your bookings through the third party or travel agents, then you cannot make the changes online or through call.
  • Furthermore, the flyer needs to pay the difference in fare even if they decide to make the change within 24 hours of the booking.
  • For the individuals who have made group bookings, they need to get in touch with the team of customer service and then proceed to modify their bookings.
  • Moreover, people who hold a non-refundable ticket are not allowed to make any changes in their booking dates. People with refundable tickets can only do the changes.
  • Also, when you decide to make the changes in your bookings, delta airlines can remove all the complimentary services in your booking. No passenger has to right to ask for those same services. 

Online Procedure to change date of delta booking-

There is a simple method for making the changes in the date online. Though there are other ways too, but many people look for the online method. Here are the steps one need to follow for changing the date-

  • Visit the official site of delta airlines or enter
  • Use your username and password to log in into your delta passenger’s account.
  • Furthermore, find the option of manage booking on the home page of the official site.
  • In this step, you need to enter your last name in addition to the PNR number of the booking in which you want to make the changes.
  • As soon as you will enter the right information, your booking will pop up on your screen.
  • Now, press the option of change and then proceed to change the date of your bookings.
  • Once you make the changes and confirm it, you will get a new ticket from the airlines via mail.

Other method to make the date change-

Delta airlines understand the needs of all its flyers. It just does not look into the needs to any one specific flyer. This is why there are another way too for changing the date. One can proceed to make the changes in the date by “using a phone number”.

Through the phone number, an individual can make the changes with the assistance given by the travel experts. None of us want to make our travel experience a mess. So, this is why there is a professional and trained team of delta airlines.

Get in touch with the travel representative of delta airlines and ask them to make the changes in your travelling date. You will have to submit the information that they ask for. Once you provide them with all that information, they will start making the changes in your travelling.

Furthermore, the travel expert will ask you to pay the change fee. You can pay that using your debit card or credit card.

Fee structure of delta airlines date change-

Knowing about the fee structure is yet another important thing for all the flyers of delta airlines. Here are the points that will help you know about it in much better way-

As mentioned above, people having non-refundable tickets need to pay a fee for changing their dates. So, the fee for such ticket holders can go up to $500. This fee depends on your destination and the difference in the fare. Also, delta airlines charges approximately $200 each ticket for Delta marketed flights. 

Other important information

Furthermore, one must keep in mind that tickets like basic economy fares cannot be modified after the risk-free window. So, they must make sure that they proceed to make the changes within 24 hours of making the reservations.

What additional changes one can make in delta bookings?

Date is not the only thing which one can change in their delta reservations. There is much more. find other things too which an individual can modify in their bookings-

  • Timings of the flight

It is possible that people decide to make the changes in their timings of the flight. It might be possible because of instant change in plans etc. So, you are eligible for changing the timings too. Also, one can use the online method for doing so.

  • Name change

Next thing which you can edit in your delta bookings is the name. If you do not want to pay the change fee, then make sure you make the changes within one day. Furthermore, remember that you need to submit the documents if you have to change your last name. Another important thing to keep in mind is that no flyer is eligible for transferring the ticket to someone else’s name.


Q1. How much do I need to pay for making the changes in my booking?

Ans. The charges vary from $50-$400. It depends on the type of ticket an individual buy.

Q2. Am I eligible for changing the return flight date too?

Ans. Yes, one can even change their return flight date.