Emirates Airlines Date Change: Easy To Make Modifications Always.

Do you need help with modifying your itinerary after booking? You can easily make all the changes you need with your Emirates booking. And if you ever require any assistance, reach out to Emirates Airlines Date Change. It is understandable that at times, you may need to make changes with your bookings. And sometimes, it can be confusing to do so. But, worry not. There are always easy ways to handle all problems. 

Also, it is equally easy to handle date changes with Emirates Airlines. Emirates prioritizes its passengers always. Therefore, you can find the best services always. Including in-flight services as well as pre-boarding. You will have no problems handling any matters. 

Make Emirates Airlines Date Change through Official Website

Rescheduling flights are easy and simple. But the only way to make the changes are through the official website. Bookings can be done easily through various third-party websites and agents. Although the best way is through the official website. Yet, you may complete the booking process. But to make modifications to your existing itinerary, you will have to visit the website. Further, it can be confusing to follow through directly. Therefore, you can check out these steps and follow accordingly-

  • First, visit the official website of Emirates Airlines. 
  • Then go to the Manage Booking tab. From the list select the Change Your Booking tab. 
  • You may have to enter few details to log in. Kindly enter your Last Name and Booking Reference Number. Click on the Retrieve Booking tab. 
  • You will log in. Then select the flight that you want to make changes on. 
  • Proceed by making the date changes on the ticket. You can select a new date and time for travel. Then complete the process by confirming. 
  • Further, you may have to make additional payments. Make the payment to confirm the changes. 
  • Finally, your new ticket will be sent to you in your email ID. 

Making a date change is easy. But passengers often get confused. But with Emirates Airlines Date Change it is hassle-free. Simply follow these steps and complete the entire process. 

When is Emirates Airlines Date Change possible? 

As passengers, you will have the right to make changes to your ticket always. However, there are certain rules to follow. Although these are simple yet, it is necessary that you are aware of them. 

  • Passengers can change flight dates within the first 24 hours of booking for free.
  • Additionally, date change before 60 days from the travel date is also without any additional cost. 
  • Also, up to the last 24 hours from travel, you can easily make all changes. However, you will have to bear the cost of the change fee. In addition to the fare difference on the travel date. 

When can you not change the date with Emirates Airlines?

Although Emirates is flexible with changes. Yet, it is still restricted. In certain situations, you may not be able to change the date of your flight. 

  • Emirates Airlines Date Change is not possible in the last one hour from the departure time. 
  • Also, long-hour flights cannot be changed dates, 24 hours before the departure time. 

What is the Emirates Airlines Date Change policy?

Emirates Airlines has an extensive date change policy. It is similar to most other airlines. Yet, it is necessary that you have full information. If not then you may not be able to go through with the date change. Also, it may create confusion for you later. 

  • Passengers have the right to make all the changes they want in their itinerary. Yet, they will have to follow the Emirates Airlines Date Change Policy. 
  • Firstly, passengers are allowed to make date change with additional change fees. 
  • Further, any changes on the itinerary before 60 days from traveling are free of cost. 
  • Also, within the first 24 hours from booking you can change the date without cost. 
  • But, there is one limitation. Passengers can only change the date for last minutes changes. They will not be allowed to change the route from travel.  
  • For long hours flights, you cannot change flights if they last 24 hours from departure time. Whereas for short-distance flights you can make change up to last one hour from departing time. 
  • Also, date changes are applied to all flights which are not under these categories. 

Recent Updates: Post Covid-19 

Further, there are new updates after the Covid-19 situations. Emirates Airlines has turned flexible. You can easily make use of these policies. And if you are unaware of them, you may scroll through-

  • All tickets that were booked before 1st April 2021 with bookings up to 31st December 2021 will have 36 months to rebook a flight. These bookings will not cost any additional charges. 
  • Further, tickets from or after 1st April 2021 will have 24 months for rebooking. 
  • Again, tickets booked on or after 30th September 2020 with booking dates up to 31st December 2021 will also have 36 months of advantage. You may make the changes any time before these 36 months. 

What are Emirates Airlines Date Change Charges? 

Emirates Airlines Date Change charges are based on various factors. They may vary according to the class of travel to the route traveling. Hence, there cannot be a pre-determined cost. Therefore, here is a list of the average cost of the change charges-

Class of TravelChange Charges
Economy Class$75-$200.
Business Class$300-$400.
First Class$250-$400.

Are there any Alternative Ways to change dates?

Emirates Airlines allows its passengers to book and modify their tickets. Although you are aware of the online process. Yet, there are other ways to handle the matters. You can easily make the changes through any of these ways-

Call Emirates Airlines Date Change Number

You can find the contact number easily. Call on the number for any changes. Also, within few minutes you will be able to change the entire itinerary. You may just have to provide the ticket information. They will help you in every possible way. It is a team of experts. Call them and find solutions for all your troubles. 

Offline Process

If you have booked your Emirates flights offline, you can also make date changes offline. If you have booked through travel agents you may simply approach them with the modifications. They will make the necessary changes. 

Do Emirates Airlines change the date without asking? 

If you have booked a flight with Emirates Airlines, you can stay worry-free. After completing of booking, Emirates Airlines will not be able to make any changes. However, there is a possibility that the flight has been canceled. And in such a case you can easily contact Emirates Airlines for support. 

But, you need not worry about making any change by the airline. Meanwhile, you will have all the rights to make the changes. Just follow the Emirates Airlines Date Change Policy for any confusion. 

What changes does Emirates Airlines Allow? 

Emirates Airlines is quite flexible with changes. Passengers’ comfort is the utmost priority. Hence, it allows all the changes any passenger would seek. Therefore, you may make these changes anytime you need-

  • Date Change.
  • Time Change.
  • Change of routes or destination.
  • Add or remove any stopovers on the itinerary.
  • Convert into a round-trip or one-way trip.
  • Change travel class. 
  • Add or modify meals.
  • Add frequent flyers number
  • Choose a seat. 

Common Queries by People:

  • Is it Possible to change the details of one person in the booking?

Changes cannot be implemented on a single person. If there is more than one passenger added to the itinerary, you will have to make complete changes. Therefore, NO, you cannot make changes for one person only. 

  • Can you modify bookings made with miles or points?

Yes, modifications are possible with any tickets. Despite booking with cash, online payments, or with miles you can easily make any changes. 

  • What happens with the meals if I change dates?

If you rebook a new flight, you will have to select the preferences all over again. The changes will not be transferred. 

  • Can I make changes after partially making use of the ticket?

Luckily, Emirates Airlines Date Change allows passengers to make changes even after partially using it. Therefore, if you have traveled halfway and wish to change, you may do so easily. 

  • How to change the date without paying charges?

It is pretty simple. You can always make the changes. However, to make changes without any costs, it is best to do it within forts 24 hours from booking. Also, changes before 60 days are for free. Apart from these, if you have any more confusion. It is best to refer to the Emirates Airlines Date Change Policy.