Know About Etihad Airways Date Change in Detail

There are times when things don’t go planned as we thought it would be. So, for your convenience, our experts will provide suitable services for Etihad Airways Date Change. The team of Etihad airlines makes it possible for their flyers to make the modifications in their bookings in no time.

But as it is said that half knowledge can prove very dangerous. So, one must make sure that they are not only aware about the procedure that they need to follow to make the date change. It is important that you know about the policies of date change of Etihad airlines. This is because knowledge of date change policy will allow you

Furthermore, through the information given here, one can get to know about the whole procedure, policy and much more related to date change. If you are one of the passengers who have to modify the date of their travelling, then this is the place where one can find reliable information.

Know About Etihad Airways Date Change Policy

Before we know about the procedure for date change, lets find out about the policy of date change in detail. Any individual who wishes to make the change can refer to the date change policy first. The points below explain the date change policy in the best way possible-

  • The flyers of Etihad airlines are eligible for making the till 1 year from the date of reservation.
  • Furthermore, passengers can make the modifications without paying any amount to the airlines.
  • Flyers who do not make the changes in their ticket date 72 hours prior the date of departure, they will have to pay some charges or fee. This fee is set by Etihad airlines.
  • The fee or charges that the passengers have to pay depends on timings of the change, class of ticket and much more factors.
  • Moreover, it is important to remember that if you make any changes to your ticket, the airline can cancel your complimentary services. Flyers are then no more eligible for demanding the same services.

How To Change Your Ticket Date Online?

There are many ways which this airline offers for changing the date. But in today’s time, most people choose the online way. This is because through the online way, one can make the changes without spending a single penny on transportation etc. If you also want to make the changes sitting at your home, then here are the steps you need to follow.

Follow all the steps given below in the same order and make the change in travelling dates hassle free.

  • Open the web browser on your device first.
  • Now, search official site of Etihad airlines or enter
  • Once the official website opens up, click the option of manage on the home page. You will find this section on the left side of the home page.
  • Furthermore, enter your last name in addition to the booking reference number. You need to enter this information on the option of “find my booking”.
  • After you enter these details, that specific booking will appear on your screen.
  • In this step, proceed to change the date of your travelling. Once you make all the changes, save all the changes in your booking.
  • Moreover, an individual need to pay a small fee after they modify their date of travelling.
  • Lastly, confirm the changes you have made in your bookings. Once you do so, you will receive the confirmation mail from the airline.

Other Way To Change Your Travelling Dates-

In addition to the online method, there is yet another way which an individual can use to make the changes. Still there are individuals who are not very fluent with the use of online ways. So, for such passengers, Etihad airlines has set up another way.

Individuals can proceed to change the date of their travelling through the phone number of Etihad airlines. When the flyer will contact this number, they will get connected to the travel representatives of this airline. As soon as you get in touch with the travel expert, ask them to make the changes in your booking date.

Important information related to date change

There are some points that the flyers need to keep in mind when they proceed to make the changes in the date. Having information of all these things is important. This is because it would avoid all the confusions later on. Let’s find out about these in detail-

  • For all the flyers who made their reservations from 8th march to 7th April 2020, they do not have to pay any fee for the date changing process. So, this means you can make the changes in your travelling date one time without paying any fee.
  • Furthermore, this offer is there for the Etihad Published fares, Etihad Holiday bookings and Etihad Guest bookings.
  • One can make the rebooking in the similar RBD as that of the original ticket.
  • Moreover, remember that these offers are not for the group reservations.

What if the airline makes the change in your date on their own?

Once in a blue moon, the flyers can come across a situation when the airline make the changes in their travelling dates without prior information. If this happens, the flyers can easily get in touch with the team of Etihad airlines. And then they can ask for the compensation amount.

Other changes the flyers are eligible for making-

In addition to the date change, Etihad airways allows to make modifications to other things too. This is because date is not the only thing that flyers want to change. Other things which one can change when they Etihad airways are the following-

  • Changes in the name

Firstly, all the flyers are allowed to make the modifications in their name. So, if you find the need to make the changes in the name, one can proceed to do it.

  • Seat

Furthermore, seat is another thing in which one can make the modifications. People can go ahead to choose the seat of their choice. This even keeps the trip of an individual much more comfortable and relaxing.


Q1. Is there a huge fee for changing the date?

No, flyers don’t have to a huge amount for making the changes in the date. They just need to pay the fare difference and nothing else.

Q2. What is the free change window in Etihad airline?

All the flyers can make the changes in the 24-hour free change window. If you make the changes during this time, you will not have to pay any amount as the fee change.