A comprehensive guide on Qatar airways date change

Each airline comprises of different sets of rules and regulations. There is a variety of components that influence the travellers’ itinerary such as the Qatar airways ticket rules, type of the ticket, time and itinerary with revised confirmation. On the other side, it also consists of how an individual can change the date of their trip.

It is obvious that we don’t want to cancel our bookings unless it is very urgent. So, people think of changing the date of their tickets. This is because the schedule alterations are much more significant and provide lots of flexibility in making your flight itinerary better. Qatar Airways directs a confirmation message on the email address whether it has made the alterations or passenger changed their reservation.

To make the date change easy, Qatar airways has set a very understandable procedure for changing the dates. If you are one of those flyers who are in need of changing their booking dates, find each information on it here.

Before we head to know about the procedure that the passengers have to follow for changing the date, one should first know about its policy.

An overview of date change policy of Qatar airways-

It is important that each individual knows about the policy in advance. This is because it makes the whole process much easier and avoid all confusions.

Existence of various policies allows the proper and smooth functioning. Similarly, date change policy makes it possible for the flyers to know all its important points in advance. Without the policy, the whole process would become chaotic.

To find detailed information on this policy, go through the policy given below-

  • An individual who has made the reservation with any third party, they are not eligible for changing the date of their booking. If you have made the online reservation, then go ahead to ask for date change otherwise not.
  • In addition to changing the date, an individual can change the route of their flight.
  • Each flyer is eligible for requesting the change in their date till a specific time in case they come across any emergency.
  • To make the changes in date, there are various ways which Qatar airways has laid for its flyers. Get to know about those through the information below.
  • Lastly, remember that if you make the change after the period of 24 hours, you will have to a pay. This fee depends on your ticket type.

What is the procedure for Qatar date change?

Having the information about the steps that an individual has to follow for changing the date of the booking is important. If you lack the knowledge of this information, it will make the date change procedure a mess. The steps which the flyer has to follow for the same are the following-

  • Firstly, visit the official site of Qatar airways.
  • Now, look for the option of “manage booking tab”. You need to click this option on the home page.
  • When you press the option of manage booking, you need to now enter your last name in addition to the booking ID.
  • Once you enter this option, you need to press the option of “retrieve booking”. Now, go through the list of all your scheduled flights.
  • Furthermore, you need to select that one booking from that list in which you want to make the changes of date.
  • Now, choose the date for which you want to make the booking. Moreover, an individual has to pay the fee for it. This fee is set by the Qatar airways.
  • Finally, when you make the payment, you will get the confirmation about it from the airlines.

What other ways you can use to change the date?

No airline would want to lay down only one type of method to change the date. This is because it would then make it difficult for some kind of flyers to make the changes. Presence of only online way of changing the date isn’t a good idea. Keeping this thing in mind, there is other way too. In addition to the online way of changing the date, one can use the phone number too.

Phone number of Qatar airways allows all the passengers to get in touch with the team of this airline. Once you get in touch with the team of Qatar airways, you can ask them to change the date of your booking. Once you do so, an individual will have to share the details that the travel expert asks them. You need to share the asked information with them and then proceed to complete the whole process of changing the date.

Additional points to keep in mind-

An individual need to make sure that they know enough about the date change. The flyers just cannot randomly make the changes, there are things that they need to keep in mind. Points which will help you know better are the following-

  • If you are willing to make the change, you need to wait for 14 days from the date of booking.
  • There is a time period set by Qatar airways for changing date of the booking. To know about it in detail, the flyer needs to get in touch with the team of this airline.
  • Furthermore, not all kinds of fares are eligible for the change. So, one need to verify about the same with the airlines.

What happens when Qatar airlines change date of my booking without asking?

If by any chance, such a situation occurs in front of you, then there is nothing to stress about. This is because Qatar airways makes sure their flyers do not have to suffer. But due to some conditions if they change your flight date without asking, then you have the right to ask for the compensation amount.

Furthermore, this airline will look into your concern and help you in giving the right solution as soon as possible.

Fee structure of Qatar date change-

Fee or charge is one of the things which can lead to the disturbance of the whole budget of the trip. As nobody wants to pay a huge amount as the fee or charges, so Qatar airways make sure they do not ask for a massive amount. Different classes of people travel with Qatar airways and thus they make sure they keep in mind all kinds of flyers.

According to the policy set by Qatar airlines, the fee depends on the type of fare and your travel class. Moreover, there are different fee set for both online and offline ways. For the flyers, you will pay the fee online, for them the fee varies from $66-170. On the other hand, for the flyers who lay the fee through the office of Qatar airways, they have to pay the fee ranging from $15-$25.


Q1. Do I need to pay the fee for date change under all circumstances?

Ans. No, if you the flyer who made the bookings for their flight till 31st august 2021 and you have the ticket whose travel date is up to 31st may 2022, then you don’t have to pay any charges.

Q2. Till what time can I make a change in my booking?

Ans. You are eligible for making the changes up to 3 hours from the time of departure.