Looking to change date in united booking? Find each information about it here.

Change of plans is a very common thing. We never know when an individual has to make the changes in their plans. But do you think changing plans can be hectic? Most of the people would say a yes because it is never easy to make the changes at the last minute.

Just like sudden change in plans in other things, travelling is one of the things in which we might have to make some modifications. Each one of us is aware how important it is to choose the airline which allows to make the changes in no time. United airlines is one such airline. No matter what changes you want to make to your bookings, you can do effortlessly.

One of the changes which people have to make in their reservations is date. Because of the change in plans, people have to choose another date for their bookings. When an individual makes bookings for united airlines and want to make the changes in date, then you can get to know about it here.

In addition to knowing about the date change policy, one can even get to know the complete procedure of it.

What is the date change policy of United airlines?

In addition to the other changes, date is one of the changes which people decide to do in their bookings. United airline is known for catering the needs of all the flyers. Change in the date falls under the “change policy” of united airlines. This policy is set by the airline so that the flyers can go through it in advance and then continue with making the modifications in their bookings with ease.

Let’s get to know about the policy set by the airline-

According to the change policy of united airlines, the flyers of economic and premium class tickets does not have pay any fee. This rule is applicable for the flights that will fly within U.S, between the United States and Mexico or the Caribbean. IN addition to this, this rules also applies for international flights too that originates from America.

Also, one needs to remember that they cannot make any changes in their ticket neither from the official website nor through the mobile application until and unless your tickets does not begin with “016”.

Furthermore, one needs to keep in mind that if you are looking to change the ticket without paying any amount, the new flight for which you make the booking should leave within the 24 hours of your schedule’s departure date.

Procedure for date change at United airlines

After knowing about the policy set by the airline, we will go ahead to know about the step-by-step guide for the date change. There is no complicated procedure that you need to follow for changing the date of your booking. Once people decide to make the changes in date, they become very stressed. So, to avoid any further worries, united airlines has set by an easy method for it.

Go through the online method of changing the date given below and follow it in the same order to finalize the changes.

  • Once you open your web browser, visit the united official website.
  • Now, visit the home page of the airline and select the option of “my trips”.
  • Once you select this option, you need to enter your booking code along with the last name of the flyer.
  • Press the option of enter. As soon as you will press this option, the list of flights will appear on your screen.
  • Now go ahead to choose the best option for yourself from that list.
  • You can now make the booking for another flight from that list and finally make the reservation for the date that suits you.
  • The flyer might have to pay a fee for rescheduling. As soon as you pay for it, you will receive the confirmation mail from the airlines. 

What additional ways one can use for rescheduling their flight?

Though we live in an era where everything is done online but still there are people who are not fluent with using online ways. Especially when we talk about the aged people or the generation that does not belong to the technology era, find it very difficult to use the online ways. United airlines keep in mind the needs of such flyers too. Because of this there are other ways which an individual can to make the changes in their date of travelling.

The ways which one can rely on apart from the online way are the following-

  • Via the phone call

All the passengers of united airlines are eligible for using the phone number to get in touch with the travel team. Once you get connected to the team member, you need to ask them to do the modifications in the date of your travelling. The travel expert will start with the procedure and make the changes in no time.

  • At the airport

In addition to the ways mentioned above, one can take help for changing the date by reaching the airport. Once you reach the airport, you need to look for the travel representative of the united airlines. Now, ask them to reschedule your flight and then you can choose the right date as per your travel schedule.

Points to keep in mind when changing the date of your booking-

When an individual decides to make the changes in the date of your booking, there are certain terms and conditions which one need to keep in mind. The points below will highlight all the important information regarding the same-

  • The new flight for which you will make the booking, its departure time needs to be within the next 24 hours.
  • An individual who hold the basic economy ticket cannot make any changes in their flight. But such flyers can ask for reimbursement.
  • All the passengers can make the changes within 24 hours from the time of original booking. furthermore, if they do so, they don’t have to pay any fee. This rule applies if the flyer purchased their ticket 7 days or more prior to the departure date.

What happens if united airlines reschedule my flight without asking?

In such a case, all the individuals whose flight is rescheduled by the airline without informing them, they can go ahead to ask for a compensation. You can get in touch with the travel representative of the airline and ask for the compensation amount.

Additional changes you are eligible for making-

In addition to changing the date of your flight, united airlines allow you make other changes too. Changes that one can make are the following-

  • Change the name of passenger

Do you want to change the name of the flyer in your bookings? If yes, you can do it with ease. You can do it by visiting the official site of united airlines.

  • Timings

Time of your flight is another thing which one can change in their bookings. Due to change in plans, an individual sometimes look for changing the time. So, you are eligible for making the modification in it.

  • Switch the destination

Moreover, you can proceed to even change your destination. Plans change and united airlines understands that. So, make the changes in your destination too if you wish to.


Q1. Do I have to choose the new flight at that time only?

Ans. No, it is not important to choose the new flight for your trip immediately.

Q2. Which class of people cannot make any changes in their booking?

Ans. Only the flyers with basic economy ticket are the ones who are not eligible for making any changes.