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We are a platform that provides information on all date change policies. You can find the best tricks and helpful tips to make your travel easy. Making date changes are quite complex for many. Although the process is simple. But every airline has its change policies. Here you will find refined yet precise information regarding your query. 

Do you need help with making changes to your tickets? Passengers who are confused about how to make the changes can easily refer to us. All the information we provide is genuine. Hence, you can follow all the step-by-step guidance on the same. You will surely find the best and detailed information on all matters here. 

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Our content provides guidance and support to all passengers. Information all airlines are available. If you ever face a blockage will making date changes, find an answer here. What all will you find here? 

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What is the Airlines Date Change Fee?

Every Airline has its change fee. Also, these fees are subject to vary. They differ from airline to airline. Currently, after Covid-19 the change fees have been waived in many airlines. Yet, some Airlines still apply them. Further, these fees differ according to travel destination and time of change. 

Further, you may information on all airlines here. You can refer to these pages for detailed information. 

Most Popular Destinations

Air Canada Airlines

Air China Airlines
Air France Airlines
American Airlines

Delta Airlines
Emirates Airlines

Here is a list of change fees for some of the prominent airlines:

AirlinesInternationalDomesticSame-Day Change
United Airlines$0-$400$0$0
American Airlines$0$0$75-$200
Delta Airlines$0$0$75
Southwest Airlines$0$0$0
Spirit Airlines$90-100$90-100$99
Frontier Airlines$0-$59$0-$59$59
Allegiant Air$75
JetBlue Airlines$75–$200$75–$200$75
Hawaiian Airlines$0$0

NOTE: These charges are subject to vary with time. Read the terms and conditions issued by the airlines. 

Tips to Change Flight Date Without Any Charge

The policies of every airline differ. Also, they fluctuate from time to time. Therefore, it is difficult to find the perfect way. However, the best way to make changes in your itinerary without any charge is to make the changes within the first 24 hours. Most airlines offer free change of dates or other changes in the first 24 hours. However, it still has a condition to it. That is if the departure date is more than seven days or one week. If not you may have to incur charges. 

Also, making changes 60 days before the travel date is free for many airlines. Hence, you may consider this as well. Further, if there are any marginal changes by the airline, you may be eligible for a free date change. Consider this method as well if you are looking for a way to make date changes. 

Some of the Major Carriers with After-Covid Date Change Polices

Covid-19 has affected majorly in the airline business. It has a great impact on every individual. Hence, after the re-opening of the airline services, all airlines have made changes in their policies. These policies had to change as per new guidelines. Hence, you can find updated information on all airlines. Here are some of the prominent airlines and their date change policies after Covid-19:

United Airlines Date Change Policy:

Change fees have been waived for most domestic and international travel. Although flights booked from 1st May 2019 to 31st March 2021 will have a period of one year to make changes for free. You may not have to pay the change fees, yet, you will have to pay the fare differences. Further, for detailed information refer to the United Airlines page. 

American Airlines Date Change Policy:

Date Change fees have been permanently removed on all domestic and international travels. Only same-day flight changes will be applied. Further, tickets booked before 31st March 2021 will have a period of one year to make changes. Also, find free-of-cost standby tickets for domestic travels. 

Southwest Airlines Date Change Policy:

Southwest Airlines does not charge for a date change. However, they do not transfer the fare directly for a refund. You will have to extend the period till 7th September 2022 to use the credit amount for cancellation. And once it is used, you can find 12 months expiration period. 

Delta Airlines Date Change Policy:

Tickets that are purchased before 31st March 2021, will have the freedom to make changes for travel within one year. There will be no charges. However, you will have to pay the fare difference if it applies. 

Allegiant Airlines Date Change Policy:

The Date Change fees have been decreased but not removed. They are now up to $25 for all travel. 


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