Last updated on October 8th, 2022 at 12:48 pm

Learn about how to make Air China Airlines Date Change

Well, booking flight tickets is an easier task but when it comes to making modifications in flight, it might be really difficult. Making modifications in flight like Air China Airlines Date Change can give you a headache because it’s not so popular topic related to flight. Seriously, who wants to cancel a flight, especially when it’s taking you on vacation!

To make the flight change process easier for you, here at Air China Airlines Date Change helpdesk we offer our assistance round the clock. Knowledge about loopholes of flight change policy can help you to save time and money both.

Air China Airlines Date Change

Like most of the airlines, Air China requires its passengers to pay the date change or other changes in flight even they paid for the flight tickets. These fees mainly apply to non-refundable tickets that cost much cheaper in comparison to refundable ones.

Non-refundable tickets– Passengers mainly books these tickets for vacations purposes that hardly faces postponing situation. But in some situations, travels needs to make changes in their plan. Non-refundable tickets are cheaper that’s why passengers need to pay the extra charge for the flight date change. Air China Airlines Date Change helpdesk provide assistance for travelers to make modification in flight easily.

Refundable tickets– Mainly these tickets use for business travel purposes that reschedule often due to various reasons. Refundable tickets cost more that’s why changing their travel dates is much easier. 

Change Flight rules

Flight change is only applicable for tickets issued from online portals.

  • This service can be used only to change flight time and date. If the flyer wants to change the route or upgrade cabin class, please contact Air China Airlines Date Change helpdesk.
  • Flight change will apply to all travelers on the same reservation.
  • Flight fare will be recalculated automatically according to the fare rule when the flyer changes the flight. Service charge and fare difference will be collected.
  • If passengers requested the special services (includes the seat, meal, and wheelchair, etc.) on their original flight booking, please make sure to re-select them after completing flight modification or contact the Air China Airlines Date Change helpdesk for assistance.
  • Please use the same payment method to avoid the hassle.
  • If flyer purchased Chubb Insurance product along with Air hind flight ticket, please read all insurance related information including change and refund.

Please note online tickets with the following conditions will NOT be applicable.

  • Award ticket
  • Upgraded reservation with miles
  • Multicity itinerary
  • Booked with add-on service (such as pre-paid checked baggage and special dietary meals)
  • Booking record is modified by the Branch Office or Customer Center
  • Uncompleted Credit Card Verification

How to make Air China Airlines Date Change:

To make changes, the passenger needs to contact or visit the source they booked tickets from or contact the Air China Airlines Date Change helpdesk.

If you booked tickets from us all you need to call our experts

  • Provide them information about the date you want to reschedule your flight
  • Re-select the chargeable services such as seat, meals, and wheelchair and complete the booking by paying airline change fees

Note- rescheduling flight entirely depends on the availability.

How Air China Airlines Date Change helpdesk help you?

Air China Airlines Date Change helpdesk not just provide support for flight change situations but offers all-round support, especially for budget flyers. You will be guided by experienced travel experts step by step during your ticket booking procedures. You can book tickets within few minutes without all that complicated, lengthy procedures. To make each step of your journey more comfortable, we have various services including:-

  • 24/7 online customer assistance
  • Instant tickets booking
  • Emergency tickets booking without additional charge
  • Book additional baggage
  • Book additional flight services such as special meals, preferred seat service, and in-flight Wi-Fi
  • Special assistance for passengers with disabilities
  • Assistance for passengers traveling with infants or kids
  • Assistance for Children traveling alone
  • Early bird Check-in service