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Do you have to change your plans at the eleventh minute? We never know when an individual has to make changes to their plans. But do you think this is an issue that we need to worry about? No at all. Most individuals tend to stress when they realise they need to make some changes to their plan.

If we talk about our travel plans, we want to travel to our favourite destination without any hassle. But what happens if we have to change the date of travelling? Do you think you need to follow a complicated procedure for date change? The answer is No. When you make bookings with Air France and decide to change your travelling dates, there is no difficulty that you will have to face.

Moreover, there is a flexible date change policy that this airline has set for its flyers. In addition to the policy, the procedure that the flyers have to follow is also very simple. If you are one of the passengers who want to make the changes in their bookings date, then you will find detailed information on it here.

As it is important to know about the date change policy first, so we will start knowing about it in detail.

Overview of date change policy of Air France airlines-

To make the working very easy, there is a policy laid for everything by the airline. Similarly, air France has laid the policy for date change too. So, to understand all about the date change, go through the points below. Enough knowledge of this policy will make the date changing process effortless.

  • Firstly, air France airlines allows all individuals to switch their dates of travelling. But flyers need to make sure that the date on which they want to fly, air France is operating its flight on that date.
  • An individual need to pay the difference in fare if their new date ticket is costlier than the previous one.
  • For the passengers who have made the bookings for a group, if they decide to change the date, then this airline will not ask you to pay the fee or charges for one passenger. This means the fee for one passenger is not demanded.
  • Nobody wants to pay any extra penny without any reason. So, if you want to save this amount, then proceed to complete this process within free cancellation duration.

This was all about the policy of date change set by air France airlines. Moving further, lets find out about the procedure that one need to follow for changing the date.

Procedure of changing the date via official site

As Air France is an airline which thousands of people rely on. So, they make sure none of their procedure are complicated. This is because it would then become difficult for the flyers to follow the process. For the passengers looking to change their dates of travelling, here are the steps you need to follow in order.

  • Start by opening your web browser.
  • Once the web browser opens up, you need to go to the official site of air France airlines.
  • Now, use your credentials to log in into your account.
  • Furthermore, look for the option of “manage booking” on the official site of this airline.
  • You need to find the reservation in which you want to make the changes. For finding that reservation, you need to enter your booking code in addition to your last name.
  • Once that booking opens up, one can change the date of their booking.
  • Confirm after making the changes in your date.
  • Lastly, one need to pay the charges for date change and once you do that you will get the confirmation mail from the airlines.

What other ways you can use to change the date?

In addition to the online method of changing the date, flyers can use even other method too. Availability of other method makes it easy for the passengers with little knowledge of online method to change the date. Furthermore, for the individuals who does not have a good internet connection can also use this method.

One can change the date of their travelling Via phone number. Firstly, the flyers can use the phone number of Air France to make the changes in the date. You will find the number on the official site of air France. Once you find the number, make a call. Also, these are the steps you need to follow to get your date changed via phone number-

  • After dialling the number, select the language in which you want to talk.
  • Furthermore, you need to choose the reason for your calling.
  • As soon as you choose the reason, you need to explain the whole thing to the travel expert.
  • Travel expert will ask you to provide them with some information for making the changes in date.

Following such simple steps, one can make the change in date via phone number.

What happens if the airline changes the date without your confirmation?

Though this is a situation in which air France airlines won’t allow its passengers to land in. This is because they make sure that none of their flyers suffer. But if such a situation arises, then each and every flyer is eligible for asking for compensation amount from the airline.

About the fee structure of date change-

The points below will explain all about the fee structure of Air France airlines.

  • An individual can change the date without paying fee till the risk free period. If they decide to do it after that, they need to pay some charges.
  • Furthermore, no matter what type of ticket you hold, you are eligible for making the change in your ticket.
  • Flyers who buy the ticket from some other channel, they need to pay a pay set by Air France. Moreover, holders of non-full flex tickets need to pay the charges of $50.

Additional changes one can proceed to make-

An individual can make many more changes in addition to the date. Some of those changes are mentioned below-

  • Changes in the name

Firstly, you can go ahead to make the changes in the name. If you realise the need to changing the name, so can do it easily with ease. Moreover, air France airline won’t charge any fee for this change.

  • Seat change

Furthermore, the flyers are eligible for making the changing in the seat. But remember that you cannot make the changes in the seat once you have done the check in.


Q1. Can I change the date of my booking at the airport?

Ans. Yes, flyers are eligible for changing the date after reaching the airport.

Q2. Am I eligible for changing the date online if I buy the ticket from an agent?

Ans. If you buy the ticket from an agent then you cannot make the changes online.