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Step by step guide for change date in British airways

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What is the date change policy of British?

We never know when unexpected situations might arise in our lives. We don’t get to know about the situations when we enter in a scenario which needs modifications. When we decide to travel to any destination around the world, we don’t want to face any hassle. But some situations are out of control for anyone.

One of the changes that travellers have to make is in the date of travelling. All of us are aware that there are various policies that all airlines set for smooth functioning. One of the policies that the British airways has set is for the change date policy.

Go through the points below to know about this policy in detail-

  • Firstly, the flyer needs to keep in mind that the flyer can make the change in the date through the same medium as that of booking. In simple words, if you have made the reservation through the online method, you are eligible for changing date using the same method.
  • Once you change the date of booking, you are eligible for using that ticket for next one year. Tickets are eligible for use for one year. Also, remember you cannot be asking to extent the date of the same.
  • Furthermore, the airline is eligible for modifying or removing the complimentary meal from your booking. This is complete the choice of airline.

This was all about the policy of date change. Once we know about the policy, we can go ahead to know all about the procedure too.

How to change date in British airways?

British airways have set the simple procedure for changing the date. Once the passenger follows the step in the right order, they can make the changes in no time. Let’s find out what those steps are-

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official site of British airways or you can simply enter
  • Once the home page pops up on your screen, find the option of “manage my bookings”.
  • Furthermore, click on this option and look for the change option for your reservation.
  • In this step, you need to enter the last name of the flyer in addition to the reference number. Now, select the option of “find my booking”. Once you click this option, you will see your flight information or details.
  • As soon as your bookings opens up in front of you, you can now make the changes in the date of your travelling.
  • Once you are done with making the changes, choose a new booking for yourself. Moreover, you need to pay for the difference in flight fare.
  • Finally, after following all the steps, you will receive the confirmation for your new booking from the British airways.

*For all the individuals having tickets for business or executive class, you need to log in into your account.

Alternative ways of modifying the date of your booking-

As different kinds of flyers choose British airways, so it is important for the airline to offer various ways of making the changes in date. This is because not all the flyers have enough knowledge to use the online way of making the change. So, there are some other ways too which one can use to change the date.

Here are the other ways which one can use to make the modification in date-

  • Through executives

In addition to the online way, one can get in touch with the team of travel experts at British airways. There is a very highly professional and trained team of experts which makes sure that they solve the queries of all individuals. As this is the offline way, so people can use it effortlessly.

An individual can use the phone number of British airways and get in touch with the travel team. Once you get in touch with the team member, they will ask you for some information and documents. Provide all that information to them and they will start with the date changing procedure.

  • By visiting the ticket centre

Furthermore, there is another way through which one can make the changes in the date. To use this method, one need to visit the ticket centre of British airways which is nearest to their house. Here, you will have to look for the travel representative and then present your situation in front of them.

The team will help you in completing the procedure of date change and will finish the process in no time.

Terms and conditions for changing the date-

There are some terms and conditions associated with the date change. So, it is compulsory for all individuals to make the changes as per those points. If an individual does not keep these points in mind, it will lead to misunderstandings later on-

  • Remember that an individual need to complete the date changing process before the check in closes.
  • Individuals whose bookings was made before the date 3rd march 2020 for their trip on 28th February 2021, they are eligible for making the date change through the option of manage my booking. You will find this option on the official site of British airways.
  • Furthermore, an individual can make the changes in the date up to the 48 hours after the schedule departure time of their flight.
  • Lastly, remember that you make the changes within 14 days of scheduled time of departure.

What happens if airlines change date of my booking without asking?

This is one of the questions which flyer asks. If such a situation arises when the airline asks for changing the date without their permission, then all the flyers are eligible for asking for compensation. You can get in touch with the team of British airways and ask them for compensation amount.

What additional changes can the flyers make?

Date is not the only thing which flyers want to change. In addition to this, there are various other things too which passengers might want to change. Some of those things which flyers are eligible for changing are the following-

  • Destination

We never know when we have to change our destination due to some reason. So, British airways allows all its passengers to make the changes to their destination too.

  • Time

In addition to the date and destination, you are eligible for changing the time too. We might have to make the changes to the time at the last minute, so one can do it as British airways allows us to do so.

  • Name change on the ticket

Moreover, the flyer can even change the name of the flyer on the ticket. If you have entered the wrong spelling or the name does not match to the name which is there on the passport, then one need to make the change in the name.