Know About Etihad Airways Date Change In Detail

There are times when things don’t go planned as we thought it would be. So, for your convenience, our experts will provide suitable services for Etihad Airways Date Change. They will coordinate with all the changes that you need in one place which is way more easier than calling every airline.   

We always recommend our customers to go through all the norms before making any changes to the flight like changing of the route, flight got cancelled by the airline itself or flight rescheduling on the website. Don’t stress out when your flight got cancelled, just connect with the experts for the Etihad Airways Date Change and get your flight modified in no time.

You can make Etihad Airways Date Change to your flight online up to two hours before your flight. There you can book excess baggage, reserve or change your seat or request for special assistance. Put in your passport and needed contact information and also you can request for up-gradation for a seat or flight.

Know About Ticket refunds

We might be able to offer you a refund if in case the new flight options don’t work. We will offer you the refund only if:

  • The scheduled arrival or departure time changes by two or more hours
  • The change cause any issue with the total length of the trip, like making the connection time too short or longer than it was originally
  • If we are not able to accommodate you in the same cabin as purchased before, we will refund the full or partial amount as per the norms. 

Know About Same-day Flight Change

Same-day flight change allows the customer to confirm a seat on a different flight on the departure day on some Etihad Airways. The alternate flight must be of your same destination and origin. The flight change can simply be confirmed within 24 hours of the flight departure of the desired flight.

Things You Should Know Before You Cancel Your Booking

  • Make sure that your ticket has not been exchanged or used and is refundable
  • Your flight ticket must have been issued before five days and is purchased using a single credit/debit card.
  • Refunds and cancellations cannot be reversed
  • All refunds are will be based on the terms and conditions of the orginial ticket
  • Your bank may or may not charge extra processing fees.
  • Refunds will automatically be credited to the same card
  • The refund process takes between14 to 30 working days

Go through the website or tal to your travel agent before making Etihad Airways Date Change

Change and Cancellation Fees

  • Depending on the travel and the fare that you have booked, a charge fee may apply to cancel or change your flight
  • Restrictive fare rule may apply if you have booked multiple fares
  • If you want to cancel your booking, the refund will be according to the norms of the original ticket
  • Cancellations or changes within 96 hours of your scheduled flight will sustain an extra 10% fee
  • You will not be charged a refund or change fee in the ill-fated event of the death of a guest or a family member

If you miss your flight, you will be charged a no change and show fee. Be sure to let us know as early as possible if you are going to miss a flight. If you don’t inform us, your return or onward flight might be cancelled. Connect with your travel agent or visit the website for making Etihad Airways Date Change.