Find Correct and reliable information on Lufthansa Airlines Date Change here!

No matter what we do in life, there are always a set of rules which one has to follow. This is because presence of rules allows smooth and uninterrupted functioning of things. One of the things in which there are some rules and policies that people need to follow is during the time of travelling.

When we make bookings with airlines, we might have to make some changes in our bookings. One of the most common change is in the date. But there are some rules associated with Lufthansa Airlines Date Change. Furthermore, an individual must remember Lufthansa airline allows individuals to make changes to the date of their bookings but they need to have detailed knowledge about its policies and procedure.

No individual would want to make the changes to their bookings until its very important. So, it is possible that they might become a little stressed. Keeping this in mind, Lufthansa airlines has set a very simple procedure for making the date change.

To find all the reliable and correct information about date change, you need to go through all the information thoroughly.

About date change policy of Lufthansa airlines-

If you choose any airline for reaching your destination safely, then it is important that you know about the policy beforehand. This is because the flyers should always be aware of the policy of airline with which they are going to fly.

According to the date change policy of this airline, one can make the rebooking for their flight. Also, they don’t have to pay any changing fee. But remember that this rule is not applicable for the two types of ticket and those are -economy light fares and European business saver fares. If you have purchased these two types of ticket after 1st August 2021, then you have to pay the fee. In addition to this, an individual need to pay the difference in the fares.

Procedure of date change in Lufthansa airlines-

Firstly, lets find out about the online procedure of this airline. As the era we live in is all about technology and internet usage, this is why this airline has set an online method. Also, it is always better that the flyers know about it in advance. The steps that an individual has to follow for changing the date of their bookings are the following-

  • Firstly, visit the official site of Lufthansa airlines.
  • Now, switch to the “my bookings” option. Once the home page of the site opens up, you will find this option.
  • After clicking this option, you need to enter your first name and last name. In addition to this, you need to enter your booking code too. You will see the blanks on the official site. Just enter that information there.
  • Furthermore, select the option of “find booking”. Once you find that booking, select it and make the changes you want to i.e., the date.
  • Once you finish following all these steps, you can now confirm the changes you have made.
  • The flyer might have to pay some air fare difference. Once you pay that amount, you will receive the confirmation from the airlines.

What other way can you use to change date?

There are passengers who do not have a command over the online methods. So, such users look for other methods of changing the date. Keeping the needs of such flyers, Lufthansa airlines has set up another method for the date change. If an individual think that they cannot use the online method properly, so they can switch to another way.

To change the date, an individual can use the phone number of Lufthansa airlines. You can find the number from the official site of Lufthansa airlines. When you use this number, you will get connected to the travel representative of this airline. Once you get in touch with the airline, you need to put your query in front of them. Ask the team member of Lufthansa airlines to change the date of your booking.

When is it possible to change the date?

An individual can change the date of their bookings one hour prior to their flight’s departure. If the flyer decides to do it after this time, they wont be able to make the change successfully.

Find about fee structure of Lufthansa date change-

Each flyer wants to know about the fee if they have to make the changes to the date. The fee that one has to pay for the changing the date depends a factor. This factor is the type of ticket which the flyer has. Through the information given below, you will get to know about the fee or changes an individual has to pay for the date change.

  • The flyer needs to pay €50 EUR or 70 CHF or $60 USD if they decide to change the flight date.
  • Furthermore, you need to pay €150 or 220 CHF if you decide to change to the same day award fare.

What if airline change my flight date without informing?

In addition to all the information above, there is another thing which flyer wants to know. Most flyers ask what will happen if the airline changes the date of their flight without asking them? In this case, there is nothing you need to worry about as in such a situation, the flyers will get full compensation from the airline. You can go ahead to ask for the compensation amount.

Get to know about the additional changes which one can make!

In addition to the date, there are various other things which an individual can edit. Many flyers don’t want to make the changes to the date but to some other things. Some of those things are the following-

  • Edit the name

Firstly, an individual can change the name on their ticket. So, if you want to make any modifications to your name, you can do so.

  • Timings

In addition to the name, an individual can change the timings too. In case you want to modify the timings, you can contact the travel experts.


Q1. Can I change the return date of my Lufthansa booking?

Ans. Yes, a flyer is eligible for changing the return date of their Lufthansa reservation. Furthermore, remember that you can make the changes by calling the travel expert of this airline.

Q2. Can I make the changes to my flight on the same day?

Ans. An individual can make the changes on the same day. But you need to remember that you need to do it at least one hour prior to the departure time.